The Chronicles Of Narnia.


Executor: Various Of artists
Album: The Of chronicles Of Of narnia Of prince Of caspian
Release date: 2008
Genre: Soundtrack
Quantity of the tracks: 16
Size | Quality: 320 Kbps
Size of the file: 172,87 MB

Track list:
1. Sorcery And Sudden Vengeance
2. Return of the Lion
3. Battle At Aslan's How
4. Miraz Crowned
5. The Duel
6.The Duel
7. Prince Caspian Flees
8. Raid On The Castle
9. Regina Spektor - The Call
10. Journey To The How
11. Oren Lavie - The Dance 'Round The Memory Tree
12. The Armies Assemble
13. Switchfoot - This Is Home
14. The Door In The Air
15. Arrival At Aslan's How
16. The Kings and Queens of Narnia

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