Carpenter's Apprentice

Another excellent example of delicate progressive folkrock from five young British folks who share a kindred spirit with UK groups like Presence, Aslan and Sanctus. Gentle captivating mostly acoustic sound with fragile male/female harmonies, flute, soft enchanting organ, electric bass and magical acoustic leads. Top-notch original songwriting with titles like ‘Weep For The City’, ‘Let Me Come In’, ‘On The Road’, ‘How Could I Hate’, ‘Blow On Me’, ‘Joe’ and ‘Murmurings’, moods ranging from lively strummed folk to Parchment-like folkrock to charming melancholy ballads. Also covers of ‘Very Last Day’ and ‘Day Is Done’. For a custom lp in this genre this is outstanding, with virtually no competition in sight from any bands on Dovetail, Myrrh or any other UK Christian label. Comes with a large folded lyric insert. 500 made. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

Bitrate: 320


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